SoW Project Solutions

Fully sourced project teams against a Statement of Works (SoW)

More and more of our clients are looking to outsource technology programmes rather than add extra permanent headcount. Using an SoW for your flexible workforce (rather than a traditional consultancy model) will save a fortune, whilst providing the accountability and peace of mind that your project will be delivered.


  • Project outline and milestone mapping
  • Full delivery management
  • Full accountability and insurances
  • Best-in-class resource
  • Transparency
  • On/offsite capability
  • Full priority

Better value than expensive consultancies

Access skills and expertise not available in general market

Share of risk

“The perfect solution that fits just in between traditional recruitment and a pricey consultancy option”


  • Based on T&M or milestones or mixture
  • Project parameters built in
  • Additional work rate carded