In-house Talent-as-a-service

Get exclusive in-house access to decades of market leading sourcing experience.

‘In-house Talent as a Service’ model. At buckleighwilliams, we take pride in immersing ourselves in our client’s culture, but our In-house model allow us to partner at cultural, strategic and operational levels to become an extension of your business. Our in-house outsource model gives you exclusive access to our industry-leading experience, best-in-class recruitment technology & AI, and insights that can shape your future hiring processes.

By outsourcing your in-house talent teams, you save critical time training, speed the time-to-hire considerably, increase accountability and benefit from leading digital marketing services to attract the best talent on the market.

We give you exclusive access to a dedicated in-house talent manager, with access to our entire suite of resources, giving you the best of both agency & in-house worlds.


  • Free digital marketing & advertising campaigns
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Exclusive account manager
  • Fill or rollover guarantee
  • Agreed SLAs

Huge annual savings on recruitment fees

Alternative or aligned to internal TA team

Time saving

Complete service retention

Increased employee interaction

Guaranteed hiring success

“A solution that offers the best of both agency innovation and in-house cultural representation, to hire not only the hardest to find skills, but the talent that fits your business best”


  • Agreed fee each month
  • Massive reduction on extra hire fee