Blockchain & Web3

The future is here and it’s on the Blockchain.

At Blockchain Talent we work with the most innovative of all technologists to support them in building the foundations for a new era of the internet. Our on-chain future is here and we’re committed to playing our part in global adoption.

Solving the problems to build tomorrow

The opportunities are enormous, as are the obstacles to achieving it. There is so much to do to achieve true scalability, privacy or seamless integrating the blockchain into the everyday lives of our global communities. If you are part of the select few trying to achieve this, we are here to help.

Unlocking the Talent That Will Ignite Your Vision

At Blockchain Talent we understand that finding the right people is crucial for success in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. Our team of experienced recruiters is dedicated to helping you identify and attract the top blockchain and Web3 professionals who will bring your vision to life.

Not just a talent team, we build communities.

We’re not just recruiters; we’re partners in your journey. We are creating a vibrant network of developers, community leaders and marketers to help you build the contact base to achieve our collective vision.

We utilize our combined expertise in technology & investing, as well as our company commitment to the blockchain revolution to develop untapped networks of blockchain talent for our clients. This isn’t traditional recruitment; we deliver results in blockchain because we are in blockchain, and we have relationships with extensive project founders and technical leaders, meaning we stay at the forefront of the talent push in the blockchain space.

We have secured exceptional talent for Crypto & Blockchain firms in the following disciplines:

  • Software Engineering – Blockchain
  • Web3 Frontend Engineering
  • Blockchain Product Management
  • Blockchain Data Science
  • Blockchain Data Engineering
  • Senior Crypto Sales Management Professionals
  • Blockchain Operations Analytics
  • Blockchain UX Design
  • Head of Private Wealth, Digital Assets
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Engineering
  • Blockchain Marketing Management
  • Web3 Project Management
  • C-Suite Blockchain Hires

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